Why are Police Challenge Coins Used By Law Enforcement Officers?

Challenge coins are small medallions usually superimposed with an emblem or insignia etched onto the coins surface representing a particular military unit. If you have an acquaintance working in the armed forces, you might have seen them carrying the coins around. What exactly are these challenge coins and why are they used? Read on to know! 

History of challenge coins 

Challenge coins are believed to date back to the times of World War I, when wealthy lieutenants had these coins furnished for their team to boost their morale and motivate them. They served as an authentic form of identification and unity. They were traditionally passed on from one person to the next through a subtle and unnoticeable handshake. Therefore, only the receiver and giver were aware of the exchange. They were initially limited to the armed forces; but observing their functionality they spread to other organizations like Fire and Police departments where asserting unity is required.  

The custom coins are considered a privilege and reflect unity and identification with a particular organization. They are presented by superiors to the deserving officials thereby motivating them to achieve more. 

Police and Challenge coins 

Police services are closely related to military services. They have a striking similarity when it comes to their work and there is also a significant number of veterans that work as police officers. Considering this, challenge coins are offered in the Police departments during special occasions like award ceremonies, events and as other informal awards.  They reflect a story about the receiver, giver, and the entire organization. 

Challenge coins as gifts 

Law enforcement officers highly regard challenge coins, hence receiving them is a memorable moment and a treasured gift for most of them. If you’re looking for getting a Challenge coin for your team; Responders Pro police challenge coins are the correct option for you! With their knowledge and expert workers, they can customize the coin according to your requirements. They will also assist you throughout the designing process and always be approachable. 

Whether you are offering the coin as a sign of appreciation or giving it away on a special occasion, the meaning associated with the coins make the Challenge coin an unforgettable and valued gift, which constantly nurtures courage, honour, strength, and integrity. They are a beautiful way to enhance unity, support, and acknowledge the well deserving officials.