Foam can coolers and why should you buy them?

Do you like to use soda can coolers that help keep your drinks cold? If so, you should check out the trendy foam can coolers available in the market. If you feel investing in cooler sleeves that you barely use is a mistake, foam can coolers are here to resolve your dilemma!

When should one buy foam cooler sleeves?

If you are a party person who likes to take different cooler sleeves to wear around your beer or soda cans, then foam sleeves should be your go-to material. 

Foam sleeves are inexpensive and come in a wide variety of designs. These are best suited for a one-time purpose. So, you can use the foam sleeve and dispose of them. 

So if you are someone who likes to show up at parties with funky-looking cooler sleeves, you can go for foam sleeves. 

Besides being cheap and attractive, they are also thin. But you have to ensure that you get the sleeves that fit well with the can you are going to use. Regardless of its appearance and fitness, you have to make sure that you buy it from a popular and reliable brand, like QualityPerfection. 

When should one NOT buy foam can coolers?

If you are looking for a cooler sleeve that you can use multiple times, durability and flexibility are what you should focus on while selecting the material. 

Foam can coolers are not durable compared to other materials like neoprene. 

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that functions well as a cooler. However, they are costlier than foam sleeves. When one is using a neoprene cooler sleeve multiple times, it compensates for the initial cost paid. 

Similarly, neoprene sleeves are more flexible, and you can use them on cans of different sizes. 

When it comes to appearance, it is very hard to tell the difference between a foam sleeve and a neoprene sleeve. So, you should ask the shopkeeper for assistance if you are buying one for the first time. 

Concluding thoughts 

Now that you know that you need a can cooler sleeve, your next step should be deciding what material the sleeve should be. 

But once you make up your mind on that, all you have to do is walk up to the store, pick a can sleeve of your choice and enjoy your chilled soda! If you are into personalizing your belongings, you can get a custom-made design on the can sleeve and flaunt the cooler sleeve at the next party!