archiveApril 2022


Why Reusable Bags Are Getting Popular Today?

Single-use plastic bags are getting banned across the globe because of the serious implications it has on the environment. Instead, reusable plastic bags are taking the market by storm. These bags can be used multiple times and can be recycled when not in use. They do not clog the drains...

How CPS Takes Payroll Systems to the Next Level

In the 21st century, work is no longer a place of physical. We have transitioned toward remote working and a virtual workforce. The concept of employees working remotely has been common for years, but it has only recently become more widespread with technological advancements. With this transition comes significant changes...

How To Confidently Allow Mobile Messaging In Your Regulated Firm

Many people prefer texting over other forms of communication. It has become even more popular since the introduction of instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and WeChat. Organizations benefit from these mobile tools, but they also face a high level of compliance requirements. It is critical to recognize the dangers of...