Why Reusable Bags Are Getting Popular Today?

Single-use plastic bags are getting banned across the globe because of the serious implications it has on the environment. Instead, reusable plastic bags are taking the market by storm. These bags can be used multiple times and can be recycled when not in use. They do not clog the drains or fill up the landfills unnecessarily. All this makes them an environmentally-friendly option. Their promotional usefulness in marketing cannot be over-emphasized. You can catch up to their promotional usefulness at Promotion Choice, home to hundreds of promotional marketing designs, most of which will impact your brand strategy and eventual growth.

Let us understand why these bags must be used by all.

Conserve the nature

The single-use plastic bags might be seemingly small and light but the impact they have on the ecology is large. They leave a much larger carbon footprint and the energy required to produce them is extremely high. Hence, when a recyclable, reusable bag is made, the resources used are extremely less.

Decrease the pollution

The effects of single-use plastic on the environment can wreak havoc. They take almost 15-1000 years to break down naturally in a landfill. And in most cases, instead of making it to the landfill, they end up in water bodies or other soil surfaces. They pollute the streams, rivers, oceans, and fields or float around in the neighbourhood. Out of 100 billion shopping bags, only a per cent gets recycled. Hence, their contribution to pollution is massive.

Avoid recycling problems

If one wants to recycle the grocery bags, they need specialized equipment for that. Bags tend to get snagged on the belts and wheels of the conveyor belts and the machinery gets clogged as a result of this. It is also very difficult to differentiate them from other recycled products and they end up drifting to other parts of the recycling plant. However, this not the case with reusable bags as they can be dropped off at the centre for plastic bags and from there, they can be taken to the desired locations to get further recycled.

Protect the wildlife

More than 100,000 marine animal deaths are encountered every year owing to the deposition of plastic bags in the oceans. They are also getting snagged in the trees or soil leading to smaller animals getting trapped in it. Reusable bags avoid all these problems and come as sustainable solution.

Higher-strength and durability

These bags are not like the usual plastic bags which get torn or develop holes after one use. These are great for loading and unloading and repeated uses. They do not develop holes or leaks so easily.

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