How To Confidently Allow Mobile Messaging In Your Regulated Firm

Many people prefer texting over other forms of communication. It has become even more popular since the introduction of instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and WeChat. Organizations benefit from these mobile tools, but they also face a high level of compliance requirements. It is critical to recognize the dangers of these business communication apps so organizations can take appropriate precautions to ensure that they are using compliant texting and chatting approach.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) have acknowledged the value of text messaging for businesses. So they issued regulations and recommendations on how entities can expand their text messaging compliance processes and incorporate them into mobile communications.

Regulations provide that communication data on social media, websites, instant messaging, and collaborative platforms should be stored with other electronic communications information. These rules require organizations to keep track of their mobile texts and monitor any phone conversations that are utilized for commercial purposes. They must be preserved and available for supervision if necessary. 

Fortunately, there are various technologies today that can support firms in complying with these requirements. Mobile archiving solutions are especially useful in entities where employee mobile communications and behavior need to be strictly monitored. This includes banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, education, and government organizations. These solutions assist organizations in complying with rules while avoiding spoliation, data loss, and monetary penalties.

Telemessage gathers and preserves mobile material from corporate or BYOD mobile phones. It can monitor SMS messages, voice calls, and WeChat discussions to guarantee compliance with different data protection rules. The communications are either safely and reliably stored on TeleMessage servers or delivered to your preferred data archiving vendor. TeleMessage enables cross-carrier and international mobile text and calls archiving for both corporate and BYOD phones.

To learn more about mobile messaging, SEC and FINRA regulations, and communications archiving solutions, here is an infographic from Telemessage.