What do you understand by Maid Insurance, and why do you require it?

It is quite fair that your housekeeper also requires safety and security at the same time as she carries down the fort at your house. Hence, there is the cheapest maid insurance for them. There are several reasonable and decent maid insurance plans in Singapore. If you plan to immerse a foreign domestic servant in Singapore, be mindful that you must acquire medical and personal accident insurance, which is commonly known as maid insurance, that too before her arrival. The main purpose of this is to be able to reimburse her or her family in the event of misfortune or tragedy. Besides, this is a ministry of manpower (MOM) responsibility, and you are not allowed to charge her for it.

Assorted maid insurance plans in Singapore

  1. FWD Maid Insurance Plan – employers wanting a mid-tier, well-rounded assistance, which is also custom-made, can contemplate FWD’s maid insurance-integral plan. One of its most intriguing advantages is its money-back surety if you cancel your agreement during the first three months. You may virtually “test drive” it for three months at no chance. The next main selling point is the security bond plus feature. It is the only insurer that compensates the security bond to the ministry of manpower (MOM) without expecting you to make any additional payments.

Another important benefit you receive is that the plan involves free medical coverage for pre-existing diseases. Nevertheless, the third-party liability coverage commences at the low end, at $3000 for the primary plan. However, this can be broadened to cover up to $5000, if needed. Other discretionary aspects comprise cashless outpatient medical charges and coverage for crucial medical assessments.

  1. MSIG Maid Insurance Plan – we have the best maid insurance companies in Singapore

, Maidplus from MSIG is not as economical as the other plans. MGIS like its other insurance creation is priced at the elevated end of the call. However, for its above-average rate, it also offers high value, specifically to the employer. The ordinary maid insurance coverage are existing including S$60,000 in private accident advantages per year, S$15,000 in hospital or surgery expenditures every year, and S$5000 in third-party penalty coverage and cessation and repatriation fees. Nonetheless, Maidplus goes beyond by encircling substitute maid expenditure, and alternative familial support services if your maid is hospitalized.

While its regular plan is already extraordinarily extensive from the employer’s point of view, Maidplus certainly shines in the additional add-ons. Most employers are inquisitive about employer liability insurance, which safeguards them in case their maid sues them. 

Seeking travel insurance coverage 

Do you wonder Why Should You Get Travel Insurance with COVID-19 Coverage in Singapore? Rest assured that short-term visitors who are not entirely vaccinated and are obliged to have travel insurance for their COVID-19-associated medical procedures and hospitalization expenses in Singapore should guarantee that their insurance has the lowest coverage of S$30,000. Short-term visitors who are completely vaccinated and children of twelve years or below who are not fully vaccinated are not obliged to have travel insurance for their COVID-19-associated medical treatment in Singapore. 

To sum it up 

It would be a boon to you to make the most of all kinds of insurance coverage offering quality services without compromising anything. Rest assured that when it comes to seeking insurance for your family, maid, or traveling needs, you would safeguard yourself in the best possible way against untoward incidents occurring in routine life. These insurance policies would help you live a stress-free and happy life. Therefore, you should not be complacent in your insurance coverage needs. Consider looking for the best coverage option to meet your specific needs and budget.