The Best New Commercial Solar Installations in America

Businesses seeking low-cost renovations have long been encouraged to commercial solar panel installation. The traditional benefits are widely acknowledged: Benefits include lower energy use, less reliance on the electrical grid, the potential to resell electricity to providers, and, of course, grants and incentives from the government.

But in recent years, there has been a trend toward new commercial solar installations that are more advantageous than before. Solar panels are currently being used in increasingly creative and practical ways, in addition to advancements in efficiency and material quality. These are the trends driving commercial real estate owners of all shades to plan their solar energy installations.

Spaces for Solar Power Parking

Rooftop solar remains the most cost-effective and popular choice for companies. However, not all owners of commercial real estate have roofs that face the right direction or have a lot of useful roof space. Still, there’s another big chunk of unused land waiting for a solar makeover: privately owned parking lots adjacent to companies.

Solar panels placed directly above parking spaces on robust columns are frequently used to direct power to nearby buildings. This has many benefits, including the ability to shade cars on hot days and produce electricity for nearby parking lot lighting or even EV chargers. This is just one example of how solar improvements may be advantageous to clients and business owners when applied to traditional commercial real estate.

Solar Panel Installation in Agriculture

Agri-solar, or agrivoltaics, has long been popular in some areas, such as parts of California, but more and more farmers are becoming aware of its benefits. Many times, solar panels are installed in rows over pasture or cropland in areas that are already well-suited to receive adequate natural sunlight so that the panels can absorb solar radiation.

Owners typically have a few questions about these projects. For example, do solar panels impede crop growth? No, they are utilized with low-lying plants like broccoli, peppers, wheat, alfalfa, and more that benefit from some shadow. Because they are positioned above harvesters, they also take up very little installation space.

Some may wonder how long solar panels last when placed close to grazing animals. So far, there doesn’t seem to be any interference between solar panels and grazing. Cattle and other livestock typically appreciate the shade just as much as certain plants do.

Improvements to Floating Batteries and Storage

Existing solar installations are also receiving a few very beneficial modern additions. Floating solar panels are one type of installation; they don’t actually float on water, though those do exist as well. A floating array is designed to move automatically with the sun in order to maximize yield, much like flowers that face the sun throughout the day. Typically, owners can continue to use the same panels, and changing the mounts is not too difficult.

Adding battery storage to a solar array is the second upgrade. As a result, owners can easily store generated energy for periods of high demand, cutting waste and increasing the amount of time that the installation can be used after dusk.

Upgrade Your Property by Adding Solar Panels

Do you not think it would be wise to put solar panels on your property? Get in touch with local solar installers to examine their portfolios or ask inquiries. You can quickly get a better idea of what a new solar system will cost for your specific situation. You may also see how incentives such as rebates and subsidies support your industry by enticing capital to participate in new solar projects. Sometimes, time is an important factor in getting the best prices.