Store Fixture Transportation Solutions for You

The store’s proprietors are in for a momentous occasion as they get ready to relocate their company. Extensive work goes into publicising the soon-to-open location. Weeks before a company actually opens its doors, signs and banners are placed in strategic locations to drum up interest in the grand opening. It’s publicised through social media, ads, and pamphlets distributed around the neighbourhood. It is ideal for there to be plenty of customers coming in as soon as the store opens for business.

The relocation of store fixtures requires meticulous planning. It is crucial to synchronise the dismantling of the old site with the construction of the new one so that as little interruption occurs as feasible. Any hiccups in launching the new facility would have a devastating effect on the company’s bottom line. For the Transportation of Store Fixtures you can know it all.

Modular Retail Displays Relocation

Choosing a reliable moving company is crucial. Finding a business moving firm with employees who know how to securely handle the wide variety of store fixtures used in today’s retail stores is essential if you need to relocate them. Businesses like Premiere Van Lines have the resources to safely transport cash wrap and other valuables.

  • Cash Registers
  • Inventory storage gondolas
  • Instances of Exhibits
  • Display Cases Presentation Slides

Displays on the Wall Inventories Organized in Racks

Building a detailed floor plan of the new site is an essential first step before starting to prepare for a move. If you plan on replicating any parts of your prior setup in your new location, it is important to take copious amounts of photographs. Since it’s likely that the new space will be larger than the one you’re in now, you may use these pictures as a starting point for planning the layout of the new interior.

Work Together with Proper People

Premiere Van Lines, and other professional movers, will assign you a move coordinator to work with you to organise your move in advance. With this, you’ll be able to get where you’re going much faster. Both the move from the current location and the start of business at the new one will be carefully scheduled. Premiere will deploy the necessary personnel and resources to complete the job as quickly as possible, minimising any interruptions in service.

Proper packaging ensures that goods reach their final destination without damage. Plastic, wooden, or metal shelving must be taken apart and reassembled properly. Glass protection for store fixtures like display cases and countertops may need disassembly and crating, depending on the manufacturer. It’s likely that display tables’ legs will need to be dismantled for transit, only to be reassembled once they arrive at their new location. All of your merchandise has to be bagged and labelled before it can be sent.


If you want to move retail fixtures without falling behind schedule, you need to hire a moving company that will organise the move in advance and has the necessary padding, decking equipment, cargo strapping, ramps, and dollies. In the absence of a loading dock, power lift gates are an absolute need for the efficient and secure transfer of goods between vehicles and storage areas.