Qualities to Look for in a Security Guard

It is important to acknowledge the fact that security guards play a vital role in our lives. We live in a world with immense possibilities. While we may not see or recognize a risky situation, security guards are trained to recognize and address such situations. Today, despite CCTVs, security software and other technological advancements, it is the presence of security personnel that creates a sense of security and safety. This is why, in most residential and commercial complexes, apart from high performing security systems, security guards are hired. 

Let us try to understand a few qualities to look for in a security guard.

  • Training

Training is what sets a security officer apart from civilians. Training is a significant factor that helps them acquire special skills and knowledge, necessary to perform their tasks. Highly skilled security guards have undergone extensive training and development, which enhances their response to threatening situations. So, training is a significant quality to look for in a security guard.

  • Experience

Experience and training are correlated aspects. An experienced security guard will usually possess a significant amount of training necessary for tackling and managing crises. A lot of security guards also have military training or experience handling high-risk and hostile situations. Therefore, organizations or hiring parties hire such personnel as per the level of their security requirements.

  •  Vigilance

Choosing the right plan of attack is necessary when it comes to dealing with complicated situations. Security guards, therefore, need to possess the ability to think on their feet and deal with conflicts. A trained security guard can easily identify real and imminent threats and navigate through such problems by assessing the surroundings and hence, the situation efficiently. 

  • Motivation 

Individuals who are passionate about their job are likely to succeed and do well. This applies to security personnel as well. Individuals who are driven to help people in need, are dedicated and committed are most likely to succeed as security guards. So, it’s the drive that helps them acquire remarkable skills and enhances their instincts. 

In this regard, Perceptage security guards are driven by ambition and verve, which makes them reliable and trustworthy.


Security guards are, thus, an important part of the security system within a complex, whether residential or commercial. However, organizations must do some background check before hiring a security company or agency to make sure that their safety is in the right hands.