How to style short curly hair- Tips for max definition

Sporting a short curly style liberating but also tricky when it comes to styling. Without length to weigh down the coils and waves, curls become more concentrated. The shrinkage effect can cause tresses to seem even shorter than the actual cut. But you can take steps to maximize definition and embrace the curl pattern.

Get the right haircut

Ask your stylist for a curly cut tailored to your specific curl type. They’ll cut each lock individually when dry to maintain the integrity of your spring’s natural shape. Key elements include:

  1. Texturized choppy layers cut to remove bulk
  2. Face-framing angles left longer to elongate
  3. Undercutting nape for volume on top
  4. Point cutting ends separately instead of blunt

Know your curl type

Identify whether your curls are tight coils, loose waves, corkscrews, or anywhere in between. Styling products and techniques will vary based on curl type:

  • Type 3A – Loose spirals with volume
  • Type 3B – Ringlets with defined S-shape
  • Type 3C – Tight corkscrews
  • Type 4A – Tightly coiled S curls
  • Type 4B – Zigzag shaped ringlets
  • Type 4C – Extremely tight coils

The tighter the curl pattern, the more hydration is needed. Looser curls require lighter products to avoid weighed-down limpness.

Shampoo and condition thoroughly

Give curls a fresh start with a reboot shampoo to remove buildup hair salon fort lauderdale. Follow with a moisturizing conditioner, coating each strand. Let it penetrate under a shower cap for 5 minutes before rinsing. Repeat conditioning if hair still feels dry or tangled.

Gently blot and detangle

After washing, gently squeeze out excess water with a microfiber towel. Never rub! Wide-tooth comb through locks to gently detangle from ends up. Avoid ripping through knots to prevent breakage. Work in small sections and use a leave-in conditioner if combing is difficult.

Section hair strategically

Part clean, detangled hair into even sections to work on individually:

  1. Divide hair down center part into two equal sides
  2. Split each side into thirds – top, middle, bottom
  3. Twist and clip each section to prep for products

Use a Curl-Defining Product

Rake a styling cream or mousse formulated for curls through each section. Scrunch upward as you distribute for encouraging coils and waves. Here are the top options:

  • Curl keeper – Seals in moisture to prevent frizz
  • Curl cream – Defines and elongates coil shape
  • Curl activator – Stimulates texture with botanical oils
  • Curling mousse – Provides soft, touchable hold

Apply products generously using the “roping” method, where you gently squeeze sections to encourage clumping.

Set with oil or serum

Lock in moisture and prevent frizz with a few finishing drops of hair oil or serum. Argan, marula, and coconut oils nourish without greasiness. Focus mostly on the ends since shorter hair tends to be drier. Following these tips will help you style short curly hair with maximum definition. Embrace those coils and tight spirals with the right products, techniques, and cuts. Your hair will boast beautiful bounce, movement, and curl pattern.