Here are the Best Distribution Center Design Trends to Follow this Year

The designs for the distribution centers and warehouses are changing rapidly. This is majorly happening to cater to the ever-changing needs that customers have. To gain an edge over the design and planning, we have listed the trends worth following. Go through each one of them and modify them as per your requirements.

On-demand distribution center storage capacity

The distribution centers always had a crunch of storage and movable space within them. And with the onset of COVID, there has been more demand for spaces like it never happened before. There had lasting shortages of storage and yet their demands started climbing, majorly because of:

  • The market demand has completely outstripped the supply.
  • The operations have slowed down due to the complexities within the marketplace.
  • The businesses sought to store inventories just near their customer base. This helped them shorten the delivery and transit times and lower down the operation costs.

On-demand designs have evolved as an important element for distribution center design to help them scale up their spaces. There are other models like pay-as-you-go and unused space monetization that have evolved too.

Ramped up automation

Machines even today cannot take the entire workload upon themselves. There still needs human intervention to get things done correctly. The completely automated warehouses and distribution centers are still a decade away, but supply chain responsibilities are being automated gradually. But in the coming years, automation is going to be the biggest demand that the architects might be needing to cater to. Hence, it is wise to have provisions for the requirements already. Automated sorting processes, plate shuttling, stacker cranes are some of the provisions the distribution centers must-have today. This will increase the center’s throughput and increase their storage density, without hampering their productivity.

Robotics getting new legs

The futuristic distribution centers look forward to increasing their productivity and reduce the errors happening in the operations and functioning. The incorporation of robotics is a trend that most architects are picking up before designing these places. Soon the human intervention will be lowered and the entire space will be managed through robotics. With proving effective, more distribution centers are aiming towards having modern designs and their implementation.

The team of Stendel Reich architecte centre de distribution is aiming exactly towards making the future of these designs sustainable and effective. Contact them now and plan your distribution centers effectively.