Common Concepts You Must Know to Avoid Generic Logos

No one would ever want to be called “generic,” especially if you are in the designing industry. Every designer would like to be known for overflowing creativity and ideas. They are expected to be highly creative like logo creators since branding must possess originality. 

However, there are times that you would receive a comment from your client like, “Have I seen this before?” Sometimes, this is not your fault because many web designers have overused the common symbols to the point that it has become a staple or generic symbol in a particular industry or organization. 

Generic logos cover the design feature that is used too many times so that they no longer looks unique. Some of these overused, ubiquitous logos are easy to detect.

With that, here are a few most common concepts of many industries or organizations that you must know to avoid making a generic logo

Real Estate

There are many generic real estate logo ideas with sloping roofs, buildings, or square windows worldwide. Such logo designs are not one-of-a-kind. Instead, attempt to come up with something unique.

Accounting and Finance

Logos with the initials of a company’s name arranged in a geometric shape are relatively frequent. Avoid utilizing this notion if you want to be ahead of other designers.

Internet, Technology, and Communication

All generic logos for internet and technology companies have in common is a globe with lines that represent connectivity or the wi-fi sign. All of these ideas are very familiar. These logos have even made their way onto social media pages.

Medical, Health, and Pharmaceutical

Due to the apparent occupation, these are the most overused and generic of all industries. Certain symbols and shapes have global connotations, and as a result, a designer must employ them. Using symbols like a plus sign or a heart shape, on the other hand, makes it difficult for designers to develop something distinctive.


If you are making a logo for a retail company, you do not have to include a money symbol or a cart. In e-commerce website design, the most frequent retail logos with images of a girl shopping cart and price tags. As a result, avoid utilizing them.

Automotive Industry

The majority of automotive logos incorporate automobile shapes into their brand logos. Many logos have the firm name in the center and wings on both sides.


Everybody knows that environmentalists adore trees, leaves, and the earth, striving to protect the entire planet. However, you are not required to use these images every time you create an environmental logo design. Such logos have been around for a long time, and you can also experiment with colors. Green is not the ‘only’ option.


Dentists, as all people know, clean teeth. The image of a tooth is always present in generic dental logos. When you search for dental logos on Google, you will get images of teeth all over the place.

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