5 Tips For Educating Your Children at Your ADU Backyard Schoolhouse

Following the outbreak, some parents have come to the conclusion that homeschooling is the best approach to ensure their children’s continuous education and safety. Those who choose to teach their children at home will discover a wealth of information right outside their front door. You’re in even better shape if your California property contains an extra living unit. Having an ADU opens up a world of educational options for your children while not interfering with your primary abode. Consider these five suggestions for teaching your children while using your land.

1. A Preparation Area For Gardens

If you have an ADU, you have several options for homeschooling your children. Gardening should be taught as part of your homeschool curriculum. Growing herbs and vegetables in a garden bed may teach your children about the plant life cycle and the need for good soil and sunlight. To mention a few topics, they can learn about seed starting, composting, and pest management. You may use the accessory dwelling unit as a separate workstation away from the main house to manage and organize the garden. Acton ADUs, for example, may have storage areas for gardening supplies as well as cleaning amenities.

Gardening is an excellent opportunity for children to get some much-needed exercise and fresh air after spending the majority of their time indoors in front of a computer or desk. Your children will benefit from learning about nature and the outdoors in a garden, whether you choose a little herb garden or have enough room for many beds.

2. Animal Studies

You may also supplement your child’s education with the fascinating subject of animal studies. This type of activity includes gardening, investigating the local ecosystem, and interacting with and learning from backyard wildlife. Insects, birds, reptiles, and mammals are just a few of the many topics that may be investigated by utilizing online resources from the comfort of one’s own home or a lecture hall. Spending time with animals teaches your children valuable life skills like compassion and awareness.

Do you have any animals? In this situation, they might be used to teach youngsters about topics like self-control, kindness, and animal care. If you don’t already have a class pet, the ADU is an ideal site for one, so now could be an excellent time to obtain one! The ADU is a convenient site for the kids to attend on a regular basis, where they may keep a pet diary and help care for the animal by doing things like feeding and cleaning.

 Children benefit from the advantages of a classroom setting without having to spend the entire day inside one by being shuttled to and from a preset place. You may be able to purchase a chicken or a goat, depending on the regulations in your location. Make sure you have finished your homework before you begin. Consider integrating animal studies into your children’s curriculum if you’re seeking innovative methods to teach them in an ADU.

3. Nature as an Art Form

Exposing your children to nature-inspired art is a fantastic way to educate them in an ADU. Children are allowed to explore and interact with the world around them while studying, which may inspire them to produce their own unique artistic expression. Outside activities include drawing or painting, keeping a weather record, and observing animal behavior. Regardless of your child’s skill level or area of interest, there are a variety of artistic possibilities that may help them connect with nature. You may get some fresh air by going to a local park or opening the windows of your ADU.

The potential for artistic progress and invention is endless. The enhanced flexibility to express oneself creatively is the most appealing feature of having an art studio in an ADU, and because Acton ADU offers customizable ADUs in Saratoga, CA, you can even include a kitchen for convenient meal preparation and cleanup! You may begin distinguishing your children right away by giving them an education unlike any other.

4. Backyard Reading Corner

Another unusual homeschooling option for your ADU is to build a cozy outdoor reading nook where your children may relax and read in peace. Inviting sitting options, such as beanbag chairs or loungers wrapped in colorful throw blankets and cushions, would round out the image. This one-of-a-kind study space will not only encourage your children to read more but will also give a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Consider creating a reading nook in your ADU to make homeschooling your children easier.

5. Scientific Experiments

You may use your ADU as a classroom for homeschooling your children. Experimenting with science is an intriguing and engaging alternative. Educational science projects are a great way to keep kids engaged and encourage hands-on learning, whether you’re exploring new territory or simply reviewing what they already know.

Incorporating scientific experiments into your homeschooling curriculum is a great way to spark your children’s interest in science. STEM is an educational term that refers to the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, as well as the underlying concepts of many other fields. A variety of websites for children in kindergarten through high school provide detailed instructions on how to conduct these experiments. Ordinary items may be used to build star jars, float an improvised boat, and test other primitive machines.

Ordinary items can be used to examine scientific concerns in standard laboratory settings. Experiments can be as simple as filling a plastic bag with water and gently adjusting it to see the effect on the form of the bag or as complex as beginning chemical reactions in bowls or Petri dishes and analyzing their behavior over time. Depending on the weather and other factors, you may also do simple experiments outside your ADU, such as measuring the temperature of the room at different times of day using thermal imaging cameras or mimicking the creation of clouds in small DIY terrariums as a storm approaches.

Whatever method you use to educate your children at home, science projects will undoubtedly be engaging and educational. So get in there and let your creativity soar!

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