Expand into Global Markets easily with Vebess

There are tons of business owners afraid of making the foray into other markets, especially globally. To be fair, fear is not an uncommon feeling when it comes to tackling anything new or different.

But if you are a merchant who welcomes the idea of stepping out onto the worldwide market stage and envisions your products being used by consumers in other countries, there is no need to feel overwhelmed anymore. Expanding into international markets has gotten a lot less intimidating. And that has a lot to do with order fulfillment service providers such as Vebess.

Merchants, especially those who run small operations, often are squeezed by time to pursue global markets as fierce competition forces them to focus on domestic operations. And as the business owner, you have to juggle the demands of keeping updated on changes in industry standards. And don’t forget all the other issues inherent in fulfilling and shipping product orders to consumers.

“The issues multiply when you ship overseas,” Vebess says on its website at Vebess.com. As an expert in global market fulfillment, the company offers business clients the opportunity to leverage its knowledge of global order fulfillment and to take the leap into carving out a place in the overseas markets.

Reach for the world

It’s crucial for merchants to partner with the order fulfillment company that will guide them to success. But not all fulfillment providers offer access to international order fulfillment.

Fulfillify, an ecommerce fulfillment company, does not offer global fulfillment services, according to its website. The company provides fulfillment only in the U.S., offering inventory return management, pick, pack and ship, and kitting.

And according to its website, Deliverr has no global shipping fulfillment service. However, the company’s fulfillment cost pays for receiving, picking and packing, order handling, packaging and shipping to any locations in the contiguous U.S.

Like Vebess, Easyship provides its ecommerce clients entry to global markets. But Easyship offers merchants access through global fulfillment center partners. And like other order fulfillment companies, there are discounts on shipping rates that help lower costs.

Relying on consistency

Business owners who team up with Vebess get a promise they can count on.

“We provide consistency and reliability, helping to ensure your success,” the company says on its website at Vebess.com. “We give you access to places you could have only previously dreamed of doing business in.”

Services include storage of products, picking and packing, shipping and return processing for domestic and global customers. The company works in locations that accept service from UPS, USPS, and FedEx. And it takes care of all the requirements that come with selling globally.

Benefits & Saving

Vebess makes the process for business owners. They can select the best option from a range of plans, prepay for extended periods or pay as they go, and access information around the clock.

Business customers also save in other areas:

  • No set-up costs
  • No long-term subscriptions
  • Big discounts on large orders
  • Free shipping labels
  • Free returns processing
  • Free pricing comparisons
  • Free plain packaging

“We are familiar with various regulations from carriers, shipping restrictions, prohibited product sales and the most efficient methods for shipping packages,” Vebess states on its website. “Commerce and logistics are in our blood. We deliver on our promises and endeavor to always stay at the forefront of our industry.”